'What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?' Psalm 8:4

Stop praying.

Initially those words draw a perpexled look on your face, I'm sure. Praying is the basic stepping stone in building a relationship with the Lord. To stop praying, seems unacceptable and absurd.
However, to pray we must first acknowledge who we are praying to.

Recently, I asked a group of children ranging in age 8-12, who they imagined when they bowed their heads to pray. Some answers were 'angels, a man with a beard, just darkness, and I don't know.'
We'd love to say that only children would give answers like these, but the truth is that many older believers may just agree. When we bow our head to proclaim His name, do we truly have a sense of the God that we are praying to? Do we truly grasp the holiness of our Savior?

Right before our key verse, King David states: 'when I consider your heavens, the works of your fingers...' (v.3).
Have you ever stopped to consider the heavens? Not the stars that you see when you look up at the night sky, or the full moon when it appears as you can touch it, but the heavens that are full of His glory. In an universe where our galaxy is one among 350,000 known galaxies, we realize that our earth is but a speck in His heavens.

Not only is this the God that I bow my head before when I pray, but He also loves me.
This majestic God whose entire glory I cannot even fathom, loves me, being evil and short of His glory.
He loves me despite my impatience towards my children resulting in yelling in decibels that my neighbors can probably hear. He give me grace after I don't forgive those who have hurt me.
He gives me mercy by allowing me to breathe in His glory each morning. Me, who can never compare to who He is.

What am I oh God, that you care for me? Who am I that you love me and show me your grace each day?
What do you see in me Father to bless me beyond what  deserve?

There would be no sufficient time on this Earth to even begin to comprehend His glory and all that it encompasses. When we bow our head to pray, know who you stand before. Acknowledge His glory and bask to the fullest in knowing that the Lord Almighty is not only mindful of you, but loves you beyond comprehension.