How come doing right is so hard?

I can do all things through him who gives me power.” Philippians 4:13
Feeling philosophical today, I guess this PHYL course has been affecting my mind more than I’d hope. So I started thinking: how come doing right is so hard? When I say doing right, I do not mean choosing extreme rights from extreme wrongs. For example, extreme rights would include clicking the (x) at the top corner of that pop-up on your laptop, inviting you to see explicit nudity, or getting off your car to exchange information with the person you just rear-ended while driving, instead of driving off. For me, and I believe for most of us, it is quiet easy to choose to do these extreme rights. However, ironically, it is difficult for the majority of us to choose to do those, over-looked small things. Over-looked, small things are harder to accomplish because for one, they are over-looked! They are ignored by the passerby and well if no one notices them, why should you care to attend to them, right? Is this sounding familiar? My house is generally clean throughout the week. Every morning I make sure to pick up objects that do not belong where they are and put them back in their corresponding place. But each morning, I do not mop, or vacuum and clean the restrooms. However, if my husband tells me my MIL (mother-in-law) will be visiting us that night, I make sure I scrub the house sparkly clean as if my women hood depended on it, which it kind of does anyway (haha.) Well, so this is what I mean when I say, we care less for the over-looked small things. It is harder for us to do right with these small, over-looked things. To God, though, they are not small, and they are much noticed! What things? We can make a list of those small things that God probably, and most-surely, hates us to not do right with.

Over-looked, small things:

Tiny, somewhat humorous lies

Husband:  “Amazing wife of mine, (ha! Sure! Maybe in a PG, cheesy, romantic, movie), did you pay that bill I told you to pay last week?”
Amazing wife: (dripping sweat and heart is racing, realizing you FORGOT!) “Yes my dear, I paid it that day…. (You grab your phone, and run to the restroom to pay it via mobile site)


Gossip, not directly intended, but deep-down inside, intended

A girl walks in with an outfit showing body parts not meant to be shown.
You turn to look at your friend with that “eye language,” only understood by women. This look translates into, “Uh-uh, what was she thinking!”
Friend: Why does she think she can wear that!
You: I know right, I know this one girl who….. (Gossip begins!)

Not reading your bible daily

Did I write daily? Oh, I’m sorry, is that too much bible in a week? Wrong!? Yes, I meant daily! Or do I not need God daily? Yes, sister, I am talking to me and you. We need the word of God in our system, in our mind, in our mouth, heart, bones, blood, on a daily basis!! Instead of waking up to the BEST, Distraction Destroyer out there called, SOCIAL NETWORK ex. (twitter, Facebook, instagram, blogger!) we must first socialize with the one who breathed air into our lungs for goodness sake! Would you like it if you were praying, asking God for something dear to your heart and He said, “Oh, hold on, and let me check to see what the Angels are up to here on Heavengram or Heavenbook!” Of course not! If we are after God’s heart, we must get it together!


So yes, it is extremely hard to do the right thing, but not impossible. What makes it not impossible? God. “I can do all things through him who gives me power.” Philippians 4:13 With His power, we are able to conquer those difficult things we just cannot seem to get right! We must pray and pray about them. I want to be a woman of God, not because I do those right things that are easy to do, but those things that cost sacrifice! Not lying, even if it’s a tiny lie. Not gossiping, even if you don’t know the women! Not being lazy or distracted and instead, read my bible daily. I want to walk the walk, not talk the talk. God maybe just hates that. Why say you are this and that when the One who knows what you are really like, when no one is around, sees who you truly are? Can you decide to choose to do the right thing even with those small, over-looked things? I'm not watching, but God, who you asked to hover over you today, is watching. ;)





Day 2: The Effect

Every choice has an effect. Boy, am I trying so hard to drill this into my kids lately!
But it goes without saying that children and adults have to abide by this.

This week's devotional led us to focus on the friendships we develop based on the key verse:

'Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.' Jeremiah 4:15

The study question for today will be two in one.

Part of God revealing to us which friendships are those that pull us apart from Him rather than directing us closer to Him, is understanding the effect that those friendship have had in our lives.

When you look back at the times that you are around such friends, what effect do they have on the way you live out God?
List times when  choices that you have made are not according to God's Word that would be different if you were surrounded by friends after God's own heart.

As shepherds ourselves to those that are not currently believers, the second part of recognizing the effect, is looking at how our actions can lead those friends to His feet.
Do we act according to His ways around those that are not His followers yet? What effect might we be having on them on how they see the Gospel?

We are called to be different, to shine a light on those that are in the darkness. How bright is our light around them?

Take some time to come to the Lord in prayer, so that He may reveal these things to us and that in His loving ways, He may mold our heart according to His.


Day 1: Reflection

Good morning dear friends!

Today we begin with the reflection part of our study on Jeremiah 4:15.

'Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.' Jeremiah 4:15

In yesterday's devotional we discussed friendships after God's own heart.

As humans, and as women even more so, having friends is part of our being. Friends are there for a shoulder to cry on, for an encouraging word, for company.
Many times, if the friendships we count on are not according to God's heart, our faith might not be encouraged thus falling slowly away from His ways.

You may not have friendships that are close to your heart that do not influence your faith, and what a blessing that is!
However, if you do, we'd like to invite you to come before the Father and have Him direct your thoughts on friendships that we've held on to that might not be the best for our relationship with Him.

Reflect on what about your friendships compliment God's heart or personality.
Make a list if you have to.
Are you able to express your faith around those friendships or is your relationship with the Lord put on hold until you are alone again?

The answer will not always be to do away with those friendships, but for now just to reflect on what impact the friends you have chosen, make on your faith and your relationship with the Lord.

We hope that your quiet time with Him today is blessed and beautiful.


Friendships after His own heart.

'Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.' Jeremiah 4:15

I'm terrible with directions. Terrible.

Anytime that I have to drive to a new location, I will not make the drive without a mapquest printout.
One unfortunate day, however, I forgot my print out at home, but quickly remembered I could download GPS on my phone to get me to my destination.
Dowloading the application, however, required internet connection, and due to the rain, which I blame, my phone was not able to acquire the right amount of signal.
Three failed attempts later, I was forced to stop at a gas station and ask for directions, which I'm horrible at following.

Israel after following the Lord and depending on Him to give them direction, decided to attempt finding direction on their own with the influence of surrounding nations. Away from Him. Sadly it led them further from God until they found themselves tarnished in their sin and had forgotten their first love.

In our life, we will have opportunities to allow people into our lives. Some will come and go, but some will remain as close friends.
Our close friends are who we count on for laughter, for encouragement, for support and company, and at some times direction, all things that we as humans need emotionally.
However, we must be careful to seek hearts that are after His own.
Hearts after His own will have that necessary connection to the Father to re-direct you with knowledge and understanding, if your heart should ever be wayward.
As believers in His name, we have been chosen to be a holy priesthood, leadership and as such our hearts should seek close friendships that can influence that leadership in our life.
Last week we looked at how separation from God should create and anxiety within us. If we surround ourselves with company that does not seek God's loving ways, that anxiety of being far from Him may not develop, hindering our return.
Seek hearts that love the Lord to lean on. Surround yourself with those that with wisdom and knowledge will encourage your walk with Him. Those friends that have a passion for living for the Lord will fan that flame within you into a roaring fire to conquer the nations for His name, instead of feeling lost.

Should we then shun out the non-believers as friends and not say a word to them?
No, because that's where the other side of the coin comes in. As believers in a godless world, our duty is to be shepherds to those that are lost. We've been called to lead them back to their Creator.
When we interact with them, our actions should reflect His holiness and love. With wisdom and knowledge that only comes from the Lord, we should be planting a seed in them to desire a relationship with God.

We all need direction. Believers and non believers the same as we are all sheep, His word says that at times go astray.
Knowing that the close, brethren like friendships that we have established are after His own heart, gives us comfort that as instruments of the Lord, they will be there to encourage and lift up our faith, which is the one thing we should treasure above all. In turn we will too, be there to shepherd those that have gone astray.


Study Question #3

Today is the last day of our study series on Seperation Anxiety, the good kind. I know one day when Suri grows up and she is more confident to venture out in life without me, her seperation anxiety will be gone. But that is one thing we should nevere let happen to us as children of God. We need to forever feel God's presence next to us. We need to forever hear his voice close by. We need to forever smell his sweet fragrance nearby. And when we do not, we need to feel a pain in our hurts, that indicate we have stepped away from His holiness. Let us continue to ask God to create an anxiety within us when we have wondered away.



Study Question #2

This week we are talking about separation anxiety within your relationship with Christ, and how that anxiety helps to lead us back to our Father, when we have walked away.

Yesterday I asked you to reflect on the times you have stepped away from God's presence. Did God reveal to you, what has caused you to stray? Was it your busy schedule? How about a friendship or relationship with a significant other? Maybe it was a decision you made; even if it was such a small detail that went against God's precepts, it still could have led you away because God is Holy 100%, not only 99.9%.

Today reflect on how you were led back into His presence. What were you feeling that tapped into your heart to return to His? I remember feeling sad one day when I had gone a few days with out reading God's word. I had walked away from His presence, but that gloomy, empty, hungry to hear His voice, made me realize, I needed to walk back. Let us try to ask God as much as we can today, to make us anxious for His presence, hunger and desperately need Him, so that when we have walked away our separation anxiety will indicate our wondering.


Day 1: Study Question

Have you ever found yourself at a point in your life where you realize you have walked away from God. On this weeks devotional we looked at how that may happen, but what can lead us back home. Let's face it, walking away does not need to mean you lifted up your fist towards God and shouted, "no more God, I choose the world!" Walking away from God is: to not be in His presence. It may have been a decision, a relationship or a busy schedule. Let Go speak to you in what has been taking His place today. Write it out and pray over it so that God may give you understanding over it.


Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety


“But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden (His) face from you..” Isaiah 59:2

Last year in one of my psychology courses, I learned about the different types of separation anxiety phases an infant experiences throughout their infant life. Separation anxiety refers to a developmental stage in which a child experiences anxiety, due to separation from the primary care giver (usually the mother).

There was some remodeling going on in my house one day, and I was overwhelmed by the trash left and cleaning I had to do. My mother in law fortunately called and offered to babysit my 3 month old baby girl for the first time. I went over to her house with blankets, a diaper bag full of essentials, and relief that I would get my house back to shape in no time. However, as I was leaving, Suri began to cry a cry I had not heard before. She did not want her bottle, or her paci, she wanted her momma. I carried her and instantly her cries, subsided! Oh-Oh!

My Suri was suffering from separation anxiety. She had already recognized my scent, and knew momma, was not nearby. I brought her back home, and realized how many countless hours she spends studying my face. When I am feeding her, when I am changing her, or rocking her to sleep, my sweet baby just places her focus on my face.

I thought, Oh-Oh, when I realized she wanted my arms, because separation anxiety is not such a good thing in a society where we push for independence and sociality. But there is a good type of separation anxiety. It is called, Spiritual Separation Anxiety. This type of anxiety makes you aware when you have gone too far from your Guardian, the Lord your God. Without this type of anxiety, you could continue to live in sin without feeling the need to run back into His arms. Do you suffer from spiritual separation anxiety? Symptoms include-weakness to the bones, as if hungry for your maker’s presence, a devastating need to rush near to your Abba and lock your eyes with His to feel confirmation that you are safe and secure.

It is unheard of, to work at gaining symptoms. Yet, you should try for this type of anxiety. The only way you can feel what my sweet Suri felt for me as I walked away that day, is to do what she has done since birth. Study your creators face; spend countless hours in His arms. Let Him provide for you. Let Him rock you to sleep. And when you have gone astray or for just a minute walked away, let your anxiety lead you back into His arms.


Day 3: Praise

It is finally Friday and the final day of our study this week based on Proverbs 20:7.

'The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.' Proverbs 20:7

God's wisdom is so amazing, do you agree? He obviously had everything planned out for us to live out a life full of righteousness so that our generations could be blessed from it.
This week's devotional reminded us how much of an impact we can make on our little ones and the past two days, we've come face to face with evaluating what kind of impression we've been leaving in their lives so far.

We hope that this study has allowed the Holy Spirit to point out the areas that need to be changed and through faith, knowing that giving God full control, those areas will be molded according to His will.

Today we invite you to praise Him for being the best example to follow.
Write out the attributes of God that He should be praised for. (You might need a whole notebook!)

Together, we invite you to pray with us, that we may each day reflect more of Him and less of us.

Have a blessed weekend friends!!


Day 2: The Effect

Good morning friends.
Let's dive right in, shall we?

This study has truly tugged at my heart as I am a mother and it has made me pretty concious of what kind of legacy I am leaving behind.

You can read this week's devotional too based on:

'The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.' Proverbs 20:7

In yesterday's post, we were called to reflect on our actions and attitudes that we portray in our lives and that our children are able to see in us.
We hope that as we sat in the quiet confronted by God's loving presence, that we were able to realize what are those attitudes and behaviors that have been leaving negative imprints in them. In the same manner, we hope that you were also able to recognize the good traits that are also making a memory in their heart.

Today, we invite you reflect on the effect.

When we think of our children or those younger than us that we hold dear, what kind of person do we hope for them to grow up to be?

Kindhearted, gentle, patient and a great role model are some words that come to mind.

How can we as parents or mentors do our part in encouraging those traits from early on? How can we model these behaviors to them?

Write down some ideas and share them with the Lord. Take it in prayer that He be your guide in raising men and women who model Jesus Christ.

We hope that today's quiet time can be of blessing. Keep us in prayer as we will do the same.


Day 1: Reflection

Good morning friends!

It is the middle of the week already and we're hoping Fall makes its appearance soon.

We're so glad that you have taken some time to stop by and study God's word with us and apply it to our lives.

In yesterday's post, we discussed the importance of living blameless lives to pass on to our children as blessings.

'The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.' Proverbs 20:7

Parenting or being a role model to family members is a job with great responsibility.
Just like with everything else in life though, we have made mistakes that we learn from.

We encourage that you take some time today to reflect on the imprints you've been leaving on your childrens' hearts. If you don't have any children, perhaps, your younger siblings or other family members that look up to you.

Use a journal and being honest with ourselves and in prayer, ask God to reveal the habits and attitudes that do not reflect Jesus best and how it could be impacting them. Look at your children's traits and see which can possibly be coming from you - both good and bad.

Life is a learning process, but we have the best teacher of all. If you come to the conclusion that the imprints you've been leaving on your children's hearts are not the best, do not fret and beat yourself up. Use today as a starting over point. Turn over your everyday attitude towards the Lord, and allow Him to mold you and transform the things in you that are not the best. In Him we find Grace to start new.


Blessed Imprints.

'The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.' Proverbs 20:7

First impression is everything, they say, when meeting someone.
You want to be remembered and usually, remembered as a great person.
Whether it is at a job interview, we dress the part and make sure that we are well fluent, to be remembered as the perfect candidate.
On a first date, our goal is to make sure that the person on the other side of the table, also remembers our vibrant personality and the color of our eyes.

Although, that might be difficult or stressful on some level to some as you only get one chance; leaving a lasting every day impression on someone is a different and probably more difficult task.

Probably, because the difficulty of it, depends on the heart of the person making that impression.

I find, that as a parent, every day I am leaving imprints on my kids' minds and hearts.
Rather difficult to remember, when having only three minutes to leave for school, a glass of milk is spilled and a shirt has to be changed. That's where the importance of knowing God as our Father comes in.

When I think of all the spilled glasses of milk, I've had in my lifetime, I've seen He's forgiven me with grace time and time again.

Throughout the day, I realize I have many opportunities to leave those imprints in them.
When a driver cuts me off on the road and how I react, shows them what kind of grace we should show to those that cause us upset.
During a conversation on the phone with a friend, if I choose to gracefully decline gossip over lending my ear to it, will remind them judging others is not what Jesus has taught.
When I encounter a thirsty soul and choose to lend a helping hand, it will teach them love for humanity, instead of showing scorn for it.

Little details, that when we feel they are not watching, is when they most are.

As parents, mentors, or older siblings, we have a calling to shine the light in our children's lives. That is one of our greatest ministries.

Everyone of us wants nothing but the best for our children, and when it comes to education, or material things, we strive to give it. In the same manner, we should also strive to give them the best examples of what it means to have God as our Father.

The imprints we leave in their hearts today, will carry on into their adulthood and be a blessing to them and to others around them, including their own children.
When we allow ourselves to live according to God's heart, and lead blameless lives, their hearts will be touched leaving an everlasting legacy for generations to come.