Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety


“But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden (His) face from you..” Isaiah 59:2

Last year in one of my psychology courses, I learned about the different types of separation anxiety phases an infant experiences throughout their infant life. Separation anxiety refers to a developmental stage in which a child experiences anxiety, due to separation from the primary care giver (usually the mother).

There was some remodeling going on in my house one day, and I was overwhelmed by the trash left and cleaning I had to do. My mother in law fortunately called and offered to babysit my 3 month old baby girl for the first time. I went over to her house with blankets, a diaper bag full of essentials, and relief that I would get my house back to shape in no time. However, as I was leaving, Suri began to cry a cry I had not heard before. She did not want her bottle, or her paci, she wanted her momma. I carried her and instantly her cries, subsided! Oh-Oh!

My Suri was suffering from separation anxiety. She had already recognized my scent, and knew momma, was not nearby. I brought her back home, and realized how many countless hours she spends studying my face. When I am feeding her, when I am changing her, or rocking her to sleep, my sweet baby just places her focus on my face.

I thought, Oh-Oh, when I realized she wanted my arms, because separation anxiety is not such a good thing in a society where we push for independence and sociality. But there is a good type of separation anxiety. It is called, Spiritual Separation Anxiety. This type of anxiety makes you aware when you have gone too far from your Guardian, the Lord your God. Without this type of anxiety, you could continue to live in sin without feeling the need to run back into His arms. Do you suffer from spiritual separation anxiety? Symptoms include-weakness to the bones, as if hungry for your maker’s presence, a devastating need to rush near to your Abba and lock your eyes with His to feel confirmation that you are safe and secure.

It is unheard of, to work at gaining symptoms. Yet, you should try for this type of anxiety. The only way you can feel what my sweet Suri felt for me as I walked away that day, is to do what she has done since birth. Study your creators face; spend countless hours in His arms. Let Him provide for you. Let Him rock you to sleep. And when you have gone astray or for just a minute walked away, let your anxiety lead you back into His arms.

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