Day 1: Reflection

Good morning friends!

It is the middle of the week already and we're hoping Fall makes its appearance soon.

We're so glad that you have taken some time to stop by and study God's word with us and apply it to our lives.

In yesterday's post, we discussed the importance of living blameless lives to pass on to our children as blessings.

'The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.' Proverbs 20:7

Parenting or being a role model to family members is a job with great responsibility.
Just like with everything else in life though, we have made mistakes that we learn from.

We encourage that you take some time today to reflect on the imprints you've been leaving on your childrens' hearts. If you don't have any children, perhaps, your younger siblings or other family members that look up to you.

Use a journal and being honest with ourselves and in prayer, ask God to reveal the habits and attitudes that do not reflect Jesus best and how it could be impacting them. Look at your children's traits and see which can possibly be coming from you - both good and bad.

Life is a learning process, but we have the best teacher of all. If you come to the conclusion that the imprints you've been leaving on your children's hearts are not the best, do not fret and beat yourself up. Use today as a starting over point. Turn over your everyday attitude towards the Lord, and allow Him to mold you and transform the things in you that are not the best. In Him we find Grace to start new.

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