Day 1: Reflection

Good morning dear friends!

Today we begin with the reflection part of our study on Jeremiah 4:15.

'Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.' Jeremiah 4:15

In yesterday's devotional we discussed friendships after God's own heart.

As humans, and as women even more so, having friends is part of our being. Friends are there for a shoulder to cry on, for an encouraging word, for company.
Many times, if the friendships we count on are not according to God's heart, our faith might not be encouraged thus falling slowly away from His ways.

You may not have friendships that are close to your heart that do not influence your faith, and what a blessing that is!
However, if you do, we'd like to invite you to come before the Father and have Him direct your thoughts on friendships that we've held on to that might not be the best for our relationship with Him.

Reflect on what about your friendships compliment God's heart or personality.
Make a list if you have to.
Are you able to express your faith around those friendships or is your relationship with the Lord put on hold until you are alone again?

The answer will not always be to do away with those friendships, but for now just to reflect on what impact the friends you have chosen, make on your faith and your relationship with the Lord.

We hope that your quiet time with Him today is blessed and beautiful.

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