Day 3: Praise

It is finally Friday and the final day of our study this week based on Proverbs 20:7.

'The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.' Proverbs 20:7

God's wisdom is so amazing, do you agree? He obviously had everything planned out for us to live out a life full of righteousness so that our generations could be blessed from it.
This week's devotional reminded us how much of an impact we can make on our little ones and the past two days, we've come face to face with evaluating what kind of impression we've been leaving in their lives so far.

We hope that this study has allowed the Holy Spirit to point out the areas that need to be changed and through faith, knowing that giving God full control, those areas will be molded according to His will.

Today we invite you to praise Him for being the best example to follow.
Write out the attributes of God that He should be praised for. (You might need a whole notebook!)

Together, we invite you to pray with us, that we may each day reflect more of Him and less of us.

Have a blessed weekend friends!!

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