Study Question #2

This week we are talking about separation anxiety within your relationship with Christ, and how that anxiety helps to lead us back to our Father, when we have walked away.

Yesterday I asked you to reflect on the times you have stepped away from God's presence. Did God reveal to you, what has caused you to stray? Was it your busy schedule? How about a friendship or relationship with a significant other? Maybe it was a decision you made; even if it was such a small detail that went against God's precepts, it still could have led you away because God is Holy 100%, not only 99.9%.

Today reflect on how you were led back into His presence. What were you feeling that tapped into your heart to return to His? I remember feeling sad one day when I had gone a few days with out reading God's word. I had walked away from His presence, but that gloomy, empty, hungry to hear His voice, made me realize, I needed to walk back. Let us try to ask God as much as we can today, to make us anxious for His presence, hunger and desperately need Him, so that when we have walked away our separation anxiety will indicate our wondering.

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