Day 2: The Effect

Every choice has an effect. Boy, am I trying so hard to drill this into my kids lately!
But it goes without saying that children and adults have to abide by this.

This week's devotional led us to focus on the friendships we develop based on the key verse:

'Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.' Jeremiah 4:15

The study question for today will be two in one.

Part of God revealing to us which friendships are those that pull us apart from Him rather than directing us closer to Him, is understanding the effect that those friendship have had in our lives.

When you look back at the times that you are around such friends, what effect do they have on the way you live out God?
List times when  choices that you have made are not according to God's Word that would be different if you were surrounded by friends after God's own heart.

As shepherds ourselves to those that are not currently believers, the second part of recognizing the effect, is looking at how our actions can lead those friends to His feet.
Do we act according to His ways around those that are not His followers yet? What effect might we be having on them on how they see the Gospel?

We are called to be different, to shine a light on those that are in the darkness. How bright is our light around them?

Take some time to come to the Lord in prayer, so that He may reveal these things to us and that in His loving ways, He may mold our heart according to His.

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