Day 4: Praise

It is Friday friends!

It's definitely been a blessed week, as we are alive and healthy. This is the final day on our study on Proverbs 15:13.

'A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.' Proverbs 15:13

For the devotional on the verse, click here.

The word of God instructs us to praise Him in trials and peaceful times. Take some quiet time today to thank Him for always being present and near.

We thank you for joining us on this study. May it have been a blessing to your heart as it was to ours.

Blessed weekend!


Day 3: Consider it a Blessing

Hello friends!

It is Thursday and almost the end of the week!

We hope that your week has been blessed. Speaking of blessings, this is Day 3 of our study on Proverbs 15:13.

'A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.' Proverbs 15:13

On Monday's devotional, we discussed how gladness in our heart can be displayed outwardly and seen by others for them to be blessed.
It is undeniable, that along with happy moments, life will definitely throw in some curve balls, that may be harder to handle than we'd like.
Either way, God asks us to remember to praise Him in good and difficult times as He has a plan for us.

We encourage you today, to reflect on this.
Rather than allowing heartache to crush our spirit, how can we treat it as a blessing?

We hope that your quiet time with the Lord may bring peace to your heart today.

Many blessings!


Day 2: Effect on Others

Good morning friends!

We hope you are having a wonderful week! School started for many students, and traffic, school papers, and errands may be making these days a bit more hectic.

In Monday's post we talked about God's reminder that a happy heart produces a cheerful face.
'A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.' Proverbs 15:13

Today, we want to focus on how that expression may affect others.
The weight of your troubles or worries that overwhelm your heart, can be seen by others on how you express it outwardly.

Take some time today, to reflect on how the way you respond to trials/worries affect those around you?
Do you portray peace to your kids/spouse/friends in time of stress?
How can you reflect the joy of Jesus to others in those times?

We hope that your quiet time with the Lord today be of blessing to your life and to others around you.



Day one: Reflection

In yesterday's post, we talked about our facial expression also testifying our blessings that we have in Jesus. Many times things that seem bigger than they truly are, can get in the way of finding true joy.
Take some time today to ask God in prayer, to reveal those things that need to be let go.
What holds you back from truly letting go of worries that darken your smile?
Make a list as God reveals them and continue to pray that you find overwhelming joy in knowing that He is handling every worry.

Hoping this day is filled with joy from knowing Him.

Much Blessings!


Let your face testify as well.

'A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.' Proverbs 15:13

With a very concerned voice she asked, 'are you doing okay?'
Surprised at the question and tone, I looked up and said, 'oh, yes!'
What she said next was even more surprising than the question itself. 'Smile then, it's a beautiful day!'

I realized the expression of my face must've been one of someone dealing with a mountain of troubles.
The truth is, that everyone will experience heartache in this life. How we choose to handle it, is what makes the difference.

When a mountain climber stands at the foot of a mountain, far from backing down and going back home, he fearlessly takes the first step and beings to climb.
He has brought all the necessary equipment to make his climb worry free.
He continues to climb despite the weather, the howling wind, or the rocks that fall from under his step. He is confident in every step because of the preparation he has carefully planned. With every step, he reaches closer to the top.

Troubles that come our way may appear as big a s mountain. We have to remember though, that we are too prepared to take that first step and climb fearlessly.
Aside from having the necessary equipment, we are not climbing alone. We have our fortress and strenght climbing alongside us with every step. And as we climb, may we be reminded of the many blessings we have been showered with.

Each day we wake is a reason to smile. Hearing our kids' ever going laughter is a reason to be joyful. Being able to hold our spouse's hand each night, should make our heart sing. But the greatest blessing which should always elate us to no end, is knowing that we have been given grace beyond measure. Grace which covers us from any storm.

Carry the smile on your face that will bless others and that will testify the Lord has blessed your life.


Where is your heart found?

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:23

Listening to your heart has always been an acceptable form of coming to a solution to a dilemma. Whether it be choosing between going to the dance with a certain boy or another, or facing a more life changing situation.
The heart, as it is regarded as the source of our emotions, it’s the resource we should confide in always…Or should it?

Having joined social media, including Facebook, Instagram and blogging, I have come to the realization that the importance of guarding our heart, especially for women whether young or older, is extremely vital. These social media outlets are flooding with its and bits of people’s lives, which more times than not, are portrayed as worry –free, fun, with a perfect marriage and easy going with material fulfillment. If we are not careful, our flesh will begin to focus on these things and begin looking down at our lives as if they are not complete. With the same token, someone’s constant negativity and pessimistic view on life, may deter away from our blessings, also feeling as our lives are missing pieces.
Recently, my daughter has become fascinated with a television show which showcases the lives of toddler girls participating in pageants. Throughout the thirty minute episode, frilly dresses, rhinestone clad tiaras, and pounds of makeup, is what the message of true beauty is being taught. During the commercials, she runs to my closet and puts on my high heels, walking out in her best pageant walk, while begging that I put make up on her.
It’s incredible what little things can influence a little girls’ heart, and any women’s heart at that.
Our heart is the wellspring of life. The kind of life we want to have, springs out from the wellbeing of our heart. My desire is to have a life full of joy whether it be in trials or in peaceful times. My desire is to be a respectful, loving wife to my husband and a caring, patient mother to my children.
When my emotions are being put through the wringer of stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction, the life that will spring out of me to share with others will not be of blessing. Instead MY marriage will suffer from my discontent, my relationship will our children will suffer moments that could be spent making memories, and my self-esteem will drag through the floor.
Instead, I have to remember to guard my heart in the truth of the Lord. I will guard my heart and set it upon His promises that withstand time.
When I feel inadequate, I will cling on to knowing His grace is sufficient. When I feel alone and against the world, I will listen that He is always by my side. When my worries attack me, I will be assured that He is my provider and my fortress.  I will guard my heart inside the palm of His hand. I will guard it against any influence that tries to pull me away from my identity that I have in Him. 
In that way, when I come upon any situation, listening to my heart, will mean listening to the Author of my life.