I enthrall the King.

The king is enthralled with your beauty, honor Him with your beauty. Psalms 45:11

Has anyone told you that you are beautiful?
Whether by your spouse, friend or a parent we hear one time or another those beautiful words:
'You're beautiful.'

Depending in what area of your life you may be at, those words may uplift you and encourage you to head the world head on or they might sting if you're feeling less than beautiful.

When my King looks down at me I might feel the latter on most days. I am impatient, worrisome, and proud on my worst days. When I come to the King's feet to surrender myself, my head bows down in embarrasment for not honoring Him like I should.

How amazing it is, that my King as I am surrendered at His feet, lifts my head up by my chin and tells me:
'You're beautiful my child.'

Not only are we beautiful to Him. He is enthralled by our beauty. He is captivated by us. He is rejoicing in our beauty.
Not from anything that we have done. Not from anything that we say or think, but from who we are in Him.

He makes things new. He makes things beautiful. The plans that He has designed for my life are beautiful.
He sees that when we humble ourselves. He looks at the plans He's detailed for us and His eyes glimmer in knowing that when we surrender, when we pour out our burdens, we are the most beautiful creation.

Let my lips honor your name forever Lord.
Let my hands speak of your mercy and grace.
Let my eyes look with kindness upon others.
Let my heart forgive as you've forgiven me time and time again.

Allow me to be more like you, that my beauty will shine and give you glory. Let my spiritual beauty enthrall you forever Lord.


Limitless Mercy

'Do not withhold your mercy from me O Lord; may your love and your truth always protect me.' Psalms 40: 11

There are some people you meet that exude friendliness and kindness. You hear it in their tone of voice, their smile and the way they look at people. Some people are just that kind.
It is a great surprise when you get to witness that same person become upset at something or someone.
It's almost as it was impossible for someone so kind to grow a feeling of anger.

In that same manner, could it be possible that the God of love, forgiveness and grace could withhold mercy from anyone?

There are days I come to the Lord's feet so embarrassed to look up because of my actions that have not represented Him.
My lack of patience is my biggest trap. I lose it so quickly and so constantly. If my salvation were dependant on how well I do in this area, I would no longer carry hope.

I know that God grows upset when I lose my patience with my kids, with people around me and instead of showing love and mercy, I show otherwise.
How long will God continue to show me mercy? How long will His truth protect me? How long will He extend His love?

As long as I earnestly and passionately reach out for His hand. I'm a sinner. I'm full of flaws. I fall short of His glory. Knowing this, I know that He is my Salvation. He is my only source of hope.

When we reach out to Him to pull us out from our sin, no matter how much we've upset His heart, God will not withhold His mercy. God will save you with His love and His truth faithfully.
Reach out to His hand from where you've fallen, and see His hand lift you up.


All this time

But it's not what you have, and it's not who you know. Trust in God-only in Him. Again, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." (Heb 13.5-6)

Reminiscing is good. Bringing back to mind good moments and even bad can revive a dry, parched heart. Hearing a song, smelling a familiar scent, or finding an old photo can take you back to a place you once were. Whether it was a good or bad place to be, it will bring you joy because that place is behind you and you are on to new and better things.

I heard a song by Britt Nicole called, “All this time”, and it not only brought a memory but all my memories with God, my Father.

 “All this time, from my first tear cried, till today’s sunrise and every single moment between, you were there, you were always there, it was you and I, You were walking me all this time.” 

I thought of the many times God has been there for me. Through my first puppy-love breakup that seemed my world was ending to that agonizing, fearful season I believed would never, ever transition into spring, He was there; it was Him and I, together all the time. He, picking me up, putting my head on his shoulder, whispering that He had created me to be brave and strong, not fearful and weak, and promising to go with me wherever I’d go.  I, with my eyes shut, and my hand grasping his so tightly, trusting Him every step of the way.

And till today’s sunrise, 11 years since I met Him and gave my heart away the instant He wiped my first tear cried, I realize He has always been there, and He is there for you too. Give your heart away to the one who will never, ever forsake or leave you. It has always been Him and I, and it could be Him and you, if you decide to give Him you heart.
And if you already have given your heart away, reminisce; reminisce the moments He has saved you, comforted you, anointed you and smiled at you. O God, How Great You ARE!


Allowing His Comfort

'The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.' Psalms 34:18

It's never ending in learning lessons when it comes to parenthood.
Lately, my nine year old boy has taught me the meaning of being a comforter. When he is angry with me or at the situation, he will cry with anger where tears hardly flow. My attempts to hug him and soothe him, are often unwelcomed at that point. However, when he is truly broken hearted, as much as a nine year old can be, over a lost privilege or having argued with his best friend; he welcomes every cuddle that mom has to offer.
His 'I love you's' and hugs mean the world to me, but when he sits next to me and allows me to hold him close to my heart, I'm overwhelmed with joy knowing that he trusts me with his broken heart.

'Better than a Hallelujah' by Amy Grant paints it perfectly.
God loves our brokenheartedness better than a hallelujah sometimes. It is in the moments of despair and pain, that we allow ourselves to be cuddled by the Lord. When our heart is suffering a disappointment in life, we are more inclined to sit next to Him while we bury our head in His chest.

God loves the broken-hearted and crushed in spirit, because in that state, we can run to Him for comfort knowing He's our healer, our Redeemer, and Savior.
Those are the moments that allow us to raise our hands in worship and sing Hallelujah.

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A Proverbs Woman

'She is clothed with strenght and dignity and can laugh at the days to come.' Proverbs 31:25

It is an understatement to say that life is a roller coaster. It could be a year of climbing to the highest point, collecting blessings and great days long the way, to only take a deep plunge from one moment to the next, incurring the kind of fear that leaves with pain in the pit of your stomach.

Only by wearing dignity and strenght, can we face that plunge with a laugh on our lips full of confidence.
The provider of these is the Lord, who carries Himself with dignity and strenght in all of His works.
In an intimate walk with Him, we'll be able to learn what it means to be clothed in such a way.

It is my desire to wear dignity and not fall to my knees with fear at the presence of unexpected problems.
Instead, be able to keep walking past the problems with my head held high.

It is my prayer that my heart doesn't crumble with agony when bad news strike.
Being clothed with dignity and strenght that only the Lord can provide, is what I pray for to laugh at the days to come, knowing that my God is in control.