Limitless Mercy

'Do not withhold your mercy from me O Lord; may your love and your truth always protect me.' Psalms 40: 11

There are some people you meet that exude friendliness and kindness. You hear it in their tone of voice, their smile and the way they look at people. Some people are just that kind.
It is a great surprise when you get to witness that same person become upset at something or someone.
It's almost as it was impossible for someone so kind to grow a feeling of anger.

In that same manner, could it be possible that the God of love, forgiveness and grace could withhold mercy from anyone?

There are days I come to the Lord's feet so embarrassed to look up because of my actions that have not represented Him.
My lack of patience is my biggest trap. I lose it so quickly and so constantly. If my salvation were dependant on how well I do in this area, I would no longer carry hope.

I know that God grows upset when I lose my patience with my kids, with people around me and instead of showing love and mercy, I show otherwise.
How long will God continue to show me mercy? How long will His truth protect me? How long will He extend His love?

As long as I earnestly and passionately reach out for His hand. I'm a sinner. I'm full of flaws. I fall short of His glory. Knowing this, I know that He is my Salvation. He is my only source of hope.

When we reach out to Him to pull us out from our sin, no matter how much we've upset His heart, God will not withhold His mercy. God will save you with His love and His truth faithfully.
Reach out to His hand from where you've fallen, and see His hand lift you up.

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