All this time

But it's not what you have, and it's not who you know. Trust in God-only in Him. Again, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." (Heb 13.5-6)

Reminiscing is good. Bringing back to mind good moments and even bad can revive a dry, parched heart. Hearing a song, smelling a familiar scent, or finding an old photo can take you back to a place you once were. Whether it was a good or bad place to be, it will bring you joy because that place is behind you and you are on to new and better things.

I heard a song by Britt Nicole called, “All this time”, and it not only brought a memory but all my memories with God, my Father.

 “All this time, from my first tear cried, till today’s sunrise and every single moment between, you were there, you were always there, it was you and I, You were walking me all this time.” 

I thought of the many times God has been there for me. Through my first puppy-love breakup that seemed my world was ending to that agonizing, fearful season I believed would never, ever transition into spring, He was there; it was Him and I, together all the time. He, picking me up, putting my head on his shoulder, whispering that He had created me to be brave and strong, not fearful and weak, and promising to go with me wherever I’d go.  I, with my eyes shut, and my hand grasping his so tightly, trusting Him every step of the way.

And till today’s sunrise, 11 years since I met Him and gave my heart away the instant He wiped my first tear cried, I realize He has always been there, and He is there for you too. Give your heart away to the one who will never, ever forsake or leave you. It has always been Him and I, and it could be Him and you, if you decide to give Him you heart.
And if you already have given your heart away, reminisce; reminisce the moments He has saved you, comforted you, anointed you and smiled at you. O God, How Great You ARE!

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