Let your face testify as well.

'A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.' Proverbs 15:13

With a very concerned voice she asked, 'are you doing okay?'
Surprised at the question and tone, I looked up and said, 'oh, yes!'
What she said next was even more surprising than the question itself. 'Smile then, it's a beautiful day!'

I realized the expression of my face must've been one of someone dealing with a mountain of troubles.
The truth is, that everyone will experience heartache in this life. How we choose to handle it, is what makes the difference.

When a mountain climber stands at the foot of a mountain, far from backing down and going back home, he fearlessly takes the first step and beings to climb.
He has brought all the necessary equipment to make his climb worry free.
He continues to climb despite the weather, the howling wind, or the rocks that fall from under his step. He is confident in every step because of the preparation he has carefully planned. With every step, he reaches closer to the top.

Troubles that come our way may appear as big a s mountain. We have to remember though, that we are too prepared to take that first step and climb fearlessly.
Aside from having the necessary equipment, we are not climbing alone. We have our fortress and strenght climbing alongside us with every step. And as we climb, may we be reminded of the many blessings we have been showered with.

Each day we wake is a reason to smile. Hearing our kids' ever going laughter is a reason to be joyful. Being able to hold our spouse's hand each night, should make our heart sing. But the greatest blessing which should always elate us to no end, is knowing that we have been given grace beyond measure. Grace which covers us from any storm.

Carry the smile on your face that will bless others and that will testify the Lord has blessed your life.

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