The door

"For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart." 1 Samuel 16: 7

I have been dreaming about a red wooden door since I moved back into my childhood house, about three years ago. The door of my house is solid wood with simple rectangles positioned across each other. Before we moved in though, my father had rented the house out to a women who did not take care of this home as we would had liked. That solid wood door, was ugly! The stain it once had, had been scratched off, the gloss that was once there was dull, the wood felt rough, and it was desperate for some TLC! A few guys we hired came and renovated that ugly door. It got a brand new stain coating, gloss, and all the rough edges were buffed away. To a passerby my door is now, nice and in good condition, however, only I who live inside this house, know that it still had a few glitches. Sometimes it feels that we should just get a new door because as we fix one thing, something else happens to it. Now my door is not opening smoothly, it gets stuck as we try opening it, so we must either, find someone to repair the root of the problem or just take that door out and bring in that red door, I've been dreaming off.

Rabbi Freeman, at the Synagogue I attend, spoke of our hearts this Shabbat. "Our hearts have doors and doors serve two purposes. One, they let inside what is wanted, and two, they keep out, what is not." He continued, "If our doors are malfunctioning, like most of our heart-doors, were or are, we must not continue to try to repair them ourselves, we must ask the Meshiac (Jesus) for a new door, that only he can give us."

If the doors to your hearts, are not closing correctly and allowing the unwanted to come in, do not try to fix it yourself, call on Jesus, and he will bring you a brand new door. He will bring you a door that closes when temptation or evil knocks hard and opens when God is knocking mercifully.

You may look good from the outside, polished and renewed, but only you who know what lurks inside your heart, know if today you need to call on Jesus' helpline and request a free evaluation for a new door. There are no gimmicks, and it comes with a 100% guarantee, that the new door, will change your life for the best.

Lord, help us to realize, when the doors of our hearts have glitches that need your help. Help us to run to you and not try to fix things on our own but always rely on you to give us new doors to keep out all evil and temptation that waits to creep in through broken and damaged doors. We love you. Amen

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