My heart, His Home

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me. Revelation 3:20

Have you ever heard or read a quote, preaching, or quick conversation that you wish someone else should be listening to instead of you? You think to yourself, “Why are they not listening to this, they so should!” I confess, I am guilty of this! Actually, I have done this many times. But then, if I allow God to, He shows me why it was I who heard/read it and not my friend, husband, or co-workers. 

Recently I heard someone ask, “If someone would give their family all their time and energy, would their job suffer?” The answer is obvious, yes, it would. He then asked, “What happens when we give our job all our time and energy, would not our family suffer as well?” I already had the perfect person in mind that needed to listen to this, and well, I hate to admit, but yes, I let the person know.

As I sat listening to a beautiful song by Watermark, called,“My heart, Your Home," my eyes filled up with tears thinking how I have placed so much time on other things. Instead of making my Heart God’s Home, I had cluttered my heart with a list of all the things that I needed to do before inviting God in. I thought about how much time is enough for God and how much time for the other stuff? It is so sad to say, God is usually the leftovers of my day. After I’ve invested countless hours on other, “important” things, and my energy is gone, I lay in bed and come to the Father.  How is that making my heart a home for God? There’s a verse in the song that hit home most, it says, “Let everything I do, open up a door for you to come through, and that my heart will be a place where you wanna be.” I lingered on that last part, “Is my heart a place where God wants to be?”

Then I thought of that question I heard earlier that week. If all my time and energy is wasted on one area of my life, what else in my life is suffering? Again, the answer was so clear; my relationship with God. Investing all your time and energy on things you call important, will leave you with no time and energy left over for God. In consequence what suffers? That line of love and passion with The Majestic Holy One.

Today as you run errands, and check of chores or activities on your mental “To-Do List,” ask yourself two questions; “Are all these things, leaving me any time and energy to give to when I meet with my Heavenly Father?” and “Am I making my heart, a place where God wants to be?”

As we remember September 11th, let’s remember the moral of all of this suffering, “Your time on earth, is not guaranteed, it is not promised!”  Let us get moving to building a heart so welcoming and inviting for our Savior to come in, because if His return is not today, or tomorrow, your life is not guaranteed, one more day or one more tomorrow.

May our hearts always be a place God wants and desires to live in, now and till the end of our time.

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