Paper Mache Transformation

'Yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter. We are all the work of your hand.' Isaiah 64:8

The figurines were beautiful. One that caught my eye, was a blue bird in the prettiest shade of blue. The wings were beautifully carved with intricate details. Surely made of high end clay, or possibly chiseled out of stone.
Those figurines were made of paper mache.
I never would've thought it. A gloppy mixture which possesses no beauty whatsoever, when molded and worked with, gave a beautiful transformation.

Some of our lives have probably resembled a runny gray glop, mud-like clay at one time or another. It's been left with nothing for anyone to desire, with the exception of one.
He's seen our mess and reached down to transform our lives into something new. How full of mercy and how eloquent is the Lord's love that in all His glory reaches for us, who fall so short of it.

Molding our heart to be more like His, filled with humility, forgiveness and kindness - virtues which many of us lack. Constantly carving out those attributes that mirror His beautiful image.

We don't have to know what part about us needs molding to ask Him to do so. In His perfect understanding, He has seen the depth of our heart and knows what needs to be transformed to achieve His will and flawless plan for our lives.
The best part about it is, that His work in us is never ending. His persistence for our perfection doesn't leave alone, but in His hands.

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