Spirit old of age

'The fear of the Lord prolongs life, but the years of the wicked will be short.' Proverbs 10:27

One of the things that intrigues me about the Old Testament, is the number of years the giants of faith lived. Abraham and Noah all past 400 years old. It's mind boggling.
In addition, when I think about the way they lived their life, walking close to the Lord, their years were full of the blessings and abundance the Lord can only give of His presence.

It may seem that the promise in our key verse, only applied in years before, but now as our years are shortened because of sin, that we'd be exempt.
Although, we may not live past 400 years of age, we are able to live a life of abundance like those heroes of faith did, if we choose.
Walking with God allows the years He gives us on this earth to be full of life - His life. In our walk with Him, our years will see more hope than dismay. Abiding by His truth, our heart will be able to rejoice in trials as we know it brings our heart closer to His. Grasping His hand in the storm, our life will be a strenght for those around us.
When our time is done here, we will be able to say our life was full of years prolonged in spirit. As He returns, our soul will meet its Creator and continue that walk that began with our first breath.

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