Delight in Him

'Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.' Psalms 37:4

This past Saturday I received word from the Lord and it resonated in my heart loud.
Do I truly delight in the Lord?

To delight in Him is to know who He is, what He is about, what makes up who He is and delight in that still.
It's easy for us to look at the lovely things like His love, mercy, grace and forgiveness because those are things that we yearn for and will always be received with open hands.

However, the things about Him that may not be so lovely to us in certain areas of our lives, we resist.
Along, with God's amazing love, comes discipline.

Because He loves us more than anyone else ever will, He will also guide us through paths that may not be as easy sailing as we would've chosen. That may not be something we jump at delighting in. Nobody likes to be taken out of their comfort zone.

Have you gotten quite cozy in your spiritual life? I know I have been at that place before. The Lord, however, wants more. He desires an intimate relationship with His children, and His purpose is for us to grow in our spiritual life to be more like Him.

If it means building character by walking through the fire in our lives through enduring situations that are painful, where we are broken, and tears seem never ending, God will in His amazing love for us to become like His nature. That is where He knows that in our brokenness we will see life, that precious life He's given, with a different view than before. We will begin to see that our life has been created for the sole purpose to serve Him. As we become broken, we will recognize Him as our Creator, our Father, our Friend, Savior and the one true God. In that state we will be able to genuinely delight in Him, in His ways, and in His love.

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