The Mountain of God

The LORD said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the LORD, for the LORD is about to pass by.”

Feeling defeated after a long struggle is never easy to come to face with. When you've put an immense effort into something and it still falls through your hands like sand, it arises feelings of immense despair.

For a long time, a marriage struggled to no avail. In his eyes he tried and gave his biggest effort to make his wife happy and in her eyes she felt the same. Yet as the days passed, they grew further apart, until they no longer knew the person they had exchanged vows with years earlier.
Each person attempted to save the marriage with a different point of view, a different approach, with different levels of passion. Defeated, angry and tired, the only solution seemed to be to walk away from it all.  

Elijah expresses his emotions at God like that marriage might have. We've expressed our emotions, questions, and anger at God many times, like Elijah as well. When we're faced with such despair knowing that nothing else can be done to bring a solution to our problem, God will call us to climb that mountain.

It might be the last thing we want to do, as our energy is gone. However, it is the best and only thing we have to look forward to.
In the midst of this life's trials, our spirit will falter, our faith will hang sometimes by a cliff, but the Lord sees it all. In the quiet after all those tears have been cried, keep an ear open for when the Lord calls you to stand as He is about to pass by.

'Come my child, tell me what's in your heart.'

God sees your defeat and your frustration at how things work. We strive for things from our point of view, for the goals we set up for ourselves. Yet when we climb up to see God's presence, His gentle whisper will allow us to understand what His plan is for us, what His goals are for our life.
We'll understand, that if those plans slipped away from our hands, if things are not lining up the way we feel they should be, is because our life is meant to follow His direction alone.
In our brokenness, His glory will be lifted up.
Our task is to only climb up the mountain of God to meet Him face to face.

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