Suddenly Saved.

'Why did God allow grandpa to get in an accident mom?'

Every morning we pray for protection for each of our loved ones. One of those mornings, my father was involved in a four car accident where his vehicle was declared a total loss in an already tough economy, and he was taken to the ER.
By God's grace it wasn't worse than it could've been, but in my child's eyes, God had taken somewhat of a break from His 24/7 care.

When cancer strikes and the battle is lost, we may wonder.
When our marriage is on the rocks, we question.
When our home is about to be foreclosed, we become disappointed in the protection that is supposed to be over us at all times.

We wish that problems would stay away from our lives, and that our lives would be filled with happiness constantly. However, how often would God have the opportunity to save?

Evil is something that will always roam this world and it is inevitable. It will push us down hard enough to make us fall, but we will always have a Saviour who will readily pull us out from the oceans and rivers before they overflow us. His hand will always suddenly reach out into the flames before we are burned.

The Lord could've easily taken His people from Egypt to the promised land without obstacles and taken the shorter route, however, God in all His wisdom wanted to display the immense care and love for His people by saving again and again.

Whatever battle you are going through today, know that the Lord hasn't taken a break. He is working overtime on your behalf and will get you through. You might be weary, but the Lord is not.
Do not lose hope, as He will save because He is Mighty to. The Lord of Abraham will come to your rescue and pull you up.

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