When He Looks Down.

'God looks down from heaven upon the sons of men to see if there are any that are wise, that seek after God.' Psalm 53:2

I rarely watch the news, or read about them.
Once, however, I made the mistake of subscribing to a page of a news station on Facebook. I say mistake, because for the week that the news feed appeared on my page, I became saddened. Almost ever hour, there was a new posting of something terrible happening. A murder, robbery, children being kidnapped, a mother killing her baby.
I was shocked to see how much evil there can be.
That was just one news station for one city that I was receiving news feed for.
Now imagine what God from heaven sees. The world that at one time was perfect made in His image is now corrupted beyond recognition.
He, however, looks down to also look for those that stand out. He looks for those that seek to please Him.
Are you part of those that He seeks?

In this world that is full of fear, you can offer courage.
In the midst of the darkness, you can offer a ray of light.
In the hurricane that involves tears, pain, desolation and despair, you can offer shelter.

By seeking the Lord, not only will we be a difference to offer those that hurt, but we'll also become closer to the most true and pure form of love that is God.

The world today is rough and full of hurt. We must focus on all things lovely, pure, honorable and true (Phillipians 4:8) to become a light, a helping hand, the people that the Lord looks down to find.

Don't delay any longer friend. You were chosen and put on this earth for a reason. Reach out to those in need. Be the difference in this dark and cold world. Bring Jesus to a world that needs saving.
Let the Lord look down, and smile upon you.

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