All I need is YOU

From His dwelling place He looks (intently) upon all the inhabitants of the earth—

He who fashions the hearts of them all, who considers all their doings.

Our inner selves wait (earnestly) for the Lord; He is our Help and our Shield!

If only You could give them more money to make ends meet, then all my tears would dry and never roll back down my cheeks.

If only You could heal her, then she and we would feel free again.

If only You would break his addiction, his family would finally feel complete.

If only You would crush and renew his heart, then we could be a marriage that seeks You together.

If only You would shake her world, then she would live her life for You.

What is your, “IF?”

I know all mine. But God reminds me of something tonight as I write this devotional. All I need is HIM! All I need is God, my Help, my Shield, my Tower, my Refuge, my Strength, my Friend, my Father, my Everything. So when my “IF’s” are still “IF’s” and my hear t is tempted to believe life would be complete with the fulfillment of those “IF’s,” I need to remember, there is nothing more complete or more fulfilling then Him.

Paul could have filled a scroll of “if only’s,” but He did not. He filled up pages of how God was all He needed even when all the things around him did not seem fair, did not seem right! God used Paul to reach to hurting people like you and I, yesterday, today and tomorrow. I know it is so hard to not ask, “Why me,?” but if you restrain yourself and your heart from doing so, you will reap benefits of seeing God’s purpose for those “If’s.”

Ask yourself this, “Would you rather be complete in all areas and never feel or see how God works in these “If’s,” even if it feels it has been a long time?” Or do you love seeing how God suddenly brings a spark of light and hope time and time again to your “If only?”

All I need is You Lord!

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