Gullible in the Garden

And He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”  Genesis 3:11

You've worked hard on a project, you stand back and smile as it is exactly the way you wanted it to turn out.
Everything is in its perfect place. The measurements are exactly right.

Then someone comes up and says something like: 'why did you do it that way? It could've been better if you had done this..'

Then you begin to have a twinge of doubt that your perfect project is not so perfect.

God's work in that garden was made to perfection. Everything worked according to His plan, everything was impecable including the human soul. No sin, no doubts dwelled in them, until the enemy's words made their way to their hearts. They know felt inadequate, and ashamed. God's perfect work had been tarnished by the enemy's lies.

Sadly it is a story that continues to this very day. We continue to believe the enemy's lies that he whispers in our ear.

As we look in the mirror, we believe that we're not pretty enough. We scrutinize our bone structure, our hair texture, our height.
We question our ability for success when we witness the success of others and how it doesn't compare to what we've attained. We feel we are not capable of doing something great and that our life's purpose may just be for something small.
In our marriage, we see nothing but broken trust, ties that can never be brought back together again. We see plain failure.
We wallow in the dark pit where we've fallen from bad choices. We continue to look at how deep we fell and feel that we could never be worthy of coming before the Lord again and the pain from it is unbearable.

Yes, we believe the enemy's lies. And when the Lord walks towards us, we hide with shame.

How wonderful is the Lord, that standing there before him in our nakedness and brokeness, sees only His work that He created to perfection.

'Who told you those lies?' He asks.

Who told you that you are not capable, strong, pretty, and worthy?
Who told you that the marriage you placed in my hands long ago, is broken without repair?
Who told you that your life does not have a purpose?
Who told you? Have you eaten up the lies that the enemy displays with so much wit?

God's work is perfect. It always has and always will be. God, when He created you, He created perfection. He created a story to give Him ultimate glory. He created us with no blemish or stain.

We've all fallen into the enemy's lies time and time again. It is time to put an end to it.
When the enemy whispers in your ear a lie that will make you doubt your identity in Christ, REFUSE his sinful fruit. Turn instead to the Creator that has his fingerprints all over your story and only believe His promises of hope, grace and forgiveness.


Father, how wonderful are your works. No one can measure your wisdom. You've created us in your image Lord. Remind us that we can never be too far from Your presence where you will make us feel whole again.
Let us walk with you in that garden you prepared for us long ago. Let us return to you.


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I LOVE THIS! Just what I needed! :)