Prayers for Women to pray and be blessed in return

I came upon the first prayer last night as I read a devotional from proverbs31.com and loved it. I thought of how amazing my marriage would grow if I prayed this first prayer each day. I want to share it with you and encourage you to pray it each day and watch what God does through this request. It inspired me to make other prayers that would also change us to a better "us" for an amazing "HIM,"-God.

Dear Lord, I want to respect my husband and build him up with my words. Help me to measure my thoughts carefully and come to You with my complaints. I want to become my husband’s biggest cheerleader and watch You do Your thing in His life. I know this is possible as I depend on You to live Your life through me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Dear Lord, I want to believe more times than doubt you. My words may say I trust you but my actions speak louder and shout the opposite. Teach me what it means to have a Father whose name is Jehovah Jireh- God will provide. Remind me daily I am more important than the black raven who flies worry free enjoying the blessings you give so richly: the blue sky, the wind, and rain, the sun, the flowers; and who never ponders about what it will eat for he knows his creator- One that has never forsaken him, One that gives him to eat each moment he needs to eat, One that never forgets each need. I know I can have this "raven faith," if I continue to get to seek You as a hunter does for his prey.

Dear Lord, let your light more shine in my wounded heart, spirit come and fill me up so I can of your grace impart. Impart to my children, though at times it's so hard. When my my temper goes high and their bad behavior does not not seem to subside. Give me the strength I need to be that leader, that mother that glorifies you through her work and her duties as a mother.

Dear God, make me fall in love with You more and more each day. Wake me up with songs of love that I can sing to you my King as you breath a new day into my lungs. May I be your beloved and You mine for eternity. Amen.

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