Electrifying Power

At once Jesus realized that power had gone out from Him. He turned around in the crowd and asked "who touched my clothes?"  Mark 5:30

'Aah! You shocked me!'

We've all exclaimed this to someone at some point. You know the feeling too. That sudden feeling of electricity shocking you when quickly your arm or hand brushes someone else.
It's quick, but uncomfortable. Imagine that feeling 100x stronger. We'd avoid it at any cost - unless it could save our life.

She knew it could save hers. Desperate with no healing for years, she reached out for that surge of power.
Quickly and without hesitation, she touched His cloak and divine electrifying power ran through her body. It healing her physical and emotional illness.

Healing is something we all need. Whether it be emotional from years of low self esteem, stress from life burdens or physical from a chronic illness that has robbed the joy from life.

Some have tried every resource possible to no longer feel pain, but we remain ill.
We remain shamed with our head hung low, when all it takes is a touch of His robe.

All it takes is enough courage and strenght to push through the crowd and reach out to Him.
Jesus awaits for us to call on His name to move mountains. He awaits for us to call on Him to make walls fall.
He passes by each day, waiting for us to reach and touch His robe.

His power is electrifying and full of wonder. His power is above all. Come close to the Savior today and allow for His power to save your life.

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love this! Found you over at Cinsarah! Following along!!!