Unspoken Praises

'I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.'
Psalms 34:1

"Good morning.", "Hello", "Excuse me", "I'll pick you up later", "I'll have the Grande latte, please.", "Yes.", "No."

The average human being speaks approximately 4,000 - 5,000 words a day. Between exchanging instructions with your family in the morning about the day, holding numerous conversations with co-workers, to speaking with strangers at the store, bank or restaurants, our mouth is constantly at work.

What I find funny, is that at the end of the day, my feet and/or head feel the tiredness. My mouth however, is not painfully throbbing in the least from all that talking. What gives?
Perhaps my mouth still had a coupe of thousand words left to say.

It had many words of praise that were left unspoken. Praise where we might think it not applicable, however, a must to display Him in our lives. 

Did we praise Him with words of patience toward our kids instead of angry shouts?

Did we bless His name with words of true forgiveness towards our spouse, instead of with a vengeful, snapped remark?

Did we display His love with words of kindness to the homeless man with sadness in his eyes, instead of looking away?

Did we follow His footsteps by genuinely asking the bank clerk 'How are you?' instead of caring less in what they had to say.

Did we carry His light in our face to shine on others with a smile, instead of selfishly hiding it away?

Blessing His name and singing His praises are not limited to intimate prayers or a church service.
Continually having His praise in our mouth, is sharing His identity through our words.

The same mouth we use to praise the Holy Lord, should be constantly used for that alone as the angels in heaven do.

As we start off yet another week, may we be reminded, to choose words that bless His name.

Physically our mouth even then won't tire, but what's more is that our mind, body, and soul will feel renewed.


Father, forgive us for not praising and blessing your name as we should. You show us forgiveness, grace, kindness, and love constantly and in turn our words should be filled with praise.
Let our words be of a blessing to those who need to hear you speak. Let our words build and not destroy. Let our words reach and not push away. Blessed is your name, forever and ever.


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