Band-Aids for our Tears

'Are God's consolations not enough for you, words spoken gently to you?' Job 15:11

It's a natural expectation in every human being to want to be comforted when hurt.
A toddler falling and scraping her knee would expect a band-aid and a kiss from mom to be readily available.
A teen going through a first break-up, will look for words of comfort from a friend.
Going through a loss of a loved one, would welcome warm visits and encouraging words.

Yes, when there's pain in our hearts or in our body, we expect and welcome comfort.

Job, during the worst time of his life, after having lost everything, received the comforting words that his soul needed from his friends. He, however, rejected them with negative responses. 'I have heard many things like these; miserable comforters are you all!' (Job 16:2)

One would say that he was being ungrateful, but perhaps in his deep pain, all Job longed for was healing and restoration, not words which did nothing to bring his health and children back.
Job just wanted God to stop his punishment towards him immediately. What he failed to see is that God had sent messengers to declare about the power and faithfulness that He alone posses.

Hurt can blind us from seeing God's mercies when things have gone south. It can deceive us from recognizing that God is always present and comforting us with gentle words. Afterall, comforting His childrens is one of God's specialties. Comforting our souls is where He shines, yet we cry out in bitterness, anger, and desperation. We cry out, whne we should instead silently wait to hear God's comforting words. They are lovely, uplifting, and full of hope. Most importantly, far from being rescued or taken out of trouble immediately, His voice while He carries us in His wings - is more than enough.


Dear Father, thank you for your words of comfort that you give me each day. Through your Word, or through a friend, you are faithful to speak to me in my despair. Thank you because nothing else in this world could ever lift up my soul like you can. Speak to me so that I may know you are near.


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