Catching a curveball

'What goes into a man's mouth does not make him 'unclean.' but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him 'unclean.' - Matthew 15:11

I'm not too much of a sports fan. There are so many terms to keep up with while watching a game to understand what really is going on. It would be so much easier in my mind, if it were just about getting the ball into the goal or basket, depending on what the sport is. I do realize, however, that the game then would have no excitement as it would just be a bunch of people chasing after a ball mindlessly resulting in the same "penalties" without any other rules to follow, or learn from.

It wasn't until a friend made a comment about life throwing her a "curveball", that I realized our life is much like a sport.
We fumble, tackle, strike-out sometimes, and attempt to score daily in the game of guarding our heart.

 Although we do our best to dodge difficult circumstances and difficult people, they can sometimes come right at you faster than expected.
These "curveballs" that we may receive from life can affect how we begin to perceive and react to things. 

A friend's sharp tongue may result in gossiping about him/her as well.
A streak of 'bad luck' may stir up negativity shunning away words of comfort from a friend.
A heated and unresolved argument in a marriage, may create a cold and distant relationship resulting in adultery or thoughts of.
An unforseen financial difficulty, may create jealousy in seeing others with financial stability.

The truth of the matter is, that unless we hide under a rock, we are going to encounter sour moments here and there. But as they enter our environment, we must be alert to guard our heart against emotions that do not please the Lord. It can reach our heart in a matter of minutes and once it does, it doesn't take much longer for the intial emotion to seep in and start growing.

Letting a negative thought or emotion linger is dangerous to our heart and soul. We pray daily for our protection and physical health, but we so often neglect our emotional and spiritual health.
Leaning on the Lord for this as well, will aide us in dodging not the situation, but the enemy's attempt in using a situation to poison our character and what we stand for in Christ. Let these 'curveballs' of life help us perceive them as an opportunity to show the character of humility, love, forgiveness, and
kindness that lies within God's heart. Be in constant prayer, so that we may be alert when one flies our way, so that our Deliverer may be the one to catch it for us as we victoriously make it 'safe' back home.

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