Protein for the Race

"Jesus said, 'People need more than bread for their life; they must feed on every word of God.' Matthew 4:4

I'm a skimmer.

Discussing my son's reading grades along with a note from his teacher on his reading habits one afternoon, I lectured him on the importance on reading the material thoroughly and not just skimming it.
Later that night, ready for bed reading a devotional, it hit me - I'm a skimmer too.
I had to restart reading twice because some sentences didn't make sense, because instead of reading thoroughly my eyes skimmed the book missing the meaning.

While I'm on the road of confession, I will confess I have skimmed God's on occasion.
The outcome - hunger.

Skimming God's word is like an athlete training for a race without proper protein intake.
This life of ours is truly a race and a challenging one at that, where form and condition is a must.
Skimming through His word not only prevents us from truly fixing His word to our hearts, but also maintains us away from true intimate moments with the Lord.

Each and every word has been breathed by Him - the Almighty God.
As you savor every single word, discover the promises that He gives: hope for the hopeless, strenght for the weary, companionship for the lonely, grace to the sinner, and an everlasting covenant with those who hang on to His every word of truth.


Father God, thank you for your immense love that you would allow us the opportunity to have your Word within reach. It is full of promises and hope that you have enabled through your Son for us to attain. Let us remember the privilege it entails the next time that we pick up your Word.


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