Sheepherding At Its Best

'For you were like sheep going astray, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls' 1 Peter 2:25

So it is said that the attention span of children is not more than five minutes long, and I can attest to that. Especially when it comes to discipline.

After a punishment (most of the time), follows a discussion on why the choice made was incorrect and a plan on how to approach things better next time. Five minutes later...the same wrong choice was made.

I've thought at times, it would be easier to just tattoo the rules on their foreheads or their arms so my constant reminders would no longer be needed. But where would they be if I didn't fulfill my job as a mother to remind them constantly of wise choices. The thought of it, just saddens me, as I know many children have the misfortune of not having  guidance.

I myself, would've had that misfortune, if my Heavenly Father had not given me the privilege of being one of His flock. I too, had the attention span of a child, returning to being a wayward daughter quite often. I knew of Him, but didn't know Him. I heard of Him, but didn't listen to His words. I, just like many, was a sheep that had gone astray.

My God, took the time for the millionth time, to go up to the highest mountain where I dangerously stood before a cliff, and gently rescued me and guided me back to where I needed to be. Today, because of His grace, I am able to recognize His gentle voice leading me back to the flock when my heart has the temptation to wander. His reminders of what pleases His heart are constant and gentle. My hope for my soul is in Him to continue being my Shepherd taking me to delightful places where I can graze with Him overseeing my life.


Lord, I am speechless of what You do for me. I will forever shout to the world how grateful I am, that your loving ways bring me back to you. My life is secure in Your plans, for they are for a future and a hope. 


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