The moon comes up before you know it

“Following the Lord is a daily responsibility which involves the subordination of my desires and will to His. For this to take place effectively, we need daily time with Him, waiting at His throne.” Luke 9: 23

Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget who gave it to us... and who gave it all for us.-anonymous

A Soul without prayer is like lungs with no air.-anonymous

The sun is up on your side of planet earth. The alarm rings, you wake up, but your eyes remain closed, and you begin to utter and mumble, “Thank You, God for another day” as you run into the shower. In just another few minutes and without breakfast, you head out the door to your destination.  After a long day, you get home, and thankfully find yourself less pressed for time, but still a few things on the to-do-list have not yet been crossed off, but you begin to wonder, where is some “me time”? The couch looks inviting, and a movie with the significant other cannot be missed so you cuddle up and before you know it, the moon has switched places with the sun and now even if you want to pray or read God’s Word, your eyes are letting you know it’s-closing time, “tomorrow, I’ll wake up early to spend some time with You,” is what you say to God as you fall fast asleep.  But- The Sun comes up the next day and it starts of like the day before, the ending is up to you for He does not impose Himself on us, but only His care and love.

(Psalm 68: 19) “God is committed to our care, deliverance, and direction ( Peter 5: 6-7). He is our burden bearer, but our need is to learn to take our burdens to the Lord daily (Prov. 8:34) in humble submission to His sovereign purposes.”

Just like a person needing to make changes in their diet and activities to get healthier or lose weight, we need to make changes in our day to gain a friend who is always waiting for us all day long to speak to us, to listen to us, this friend-Jesus. Sacrifices must be made to be able to experience awesome moments with Him. He waits every day for you to come to Him and speak to Him as much as you do to your friends or relatives, and even more. He wants to guide you, comfort you, and become your daily Captain. But He will never impose Himself on You, oh, butt how merciful is He that, as you push Him away and replace Him with movies, or tasks, He still imposes love and care on you. O Father, How merciful You are, for if You treated us as we treated You, we would no longer be here.

Make a decision right now, make a change today, that you will seek God more and more each day, for He deserves our time, and we need this time alone with Him, because there will come a day, when all this will pass away, and He who waited for us night and day, will no longer wait, for the coming of the end of days, will soon be at hand.

“Seek the Lord while He may be found; call to Him while He is near.” Isaiah 55: 6

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