Re-routing No more

' Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.' Jeremiah 33:3

Recently when my family and I took a vacation to Wisconsin to visit my in-laws, we heavily depended on the GPS app found on our phones. Other than the robotic, sometimes irritating voice coming from our phone, it's a great tool for getting around areas you are not familiar with.
On our last day and heading to the Madison airport, we had left my in-laws' in Arcadia, WI without eating breakfast to avoid wasting time. Two hours later, arriving in Madison, we had three hours left to kill and the first thing to do on our list, was to eat. We were starving!
As we pulled into an Applebee's, the rain came down hard and we ran towards the restaurant's doors to only find out, they wouldn't open for another hour. After driving for another 30 minutes without a restaurant in sight, having the lovely voice state "re-routing" about five times due to closed streets and a construction zone, we were irritated to say the least.
If only that handy GPS had warned us about those obstacles beforehand!

Having a blue print of the city, knowing short-cuts inside and out, might've been the solution for my family to take care of our hunger.

On the roads of life, doesn't it sound like a familiar tale?

For me looking back, it sure does.

Many times with questions overwhelming my soul, I depended on "advanced technology" so to speak to find my destination.
It seemed like the perfect way to go, until I encountered a road-block and I had no choice but to re-route.
On that re-route it wasn't long before I came upon another 'construction-zone' and had to re-route once again. All the while, my hunger increasing with every turn.

It wasn't until I understood, that there was only one person holding the blue print to my life, that I stopped re-routing.
My Creator shouted to me and said: 'Call to me and I will show you great things that you do not know and cannot find on your own.'

Calling on Him is the key to getting your emotional and spiritual hunger fed.
He will show you what turn, what street, what highway, to take in order to reach where His will is for you to be. God in His goodness, reassures us that His will for us is a will full of hope and promise.

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