Blow Your Horn For Victory!

When the trumpets sounded, the people shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the people gave a loud shout, the  wall collapsed. Joshua 6:20

Through my tears and heartache, the situation seemed impossible. I was spilling my heart out to my mom for what seemed like the 100th time. The pain, however, cut like the first time.
Her words were the same: 'Don't just believe in Him - Believe Him"

There's a difference. One is believing He is existent. The other is believing in the promise that doesn't fail.

Joshua and the Israelites faced a situation where just believing in God's existence would not have been enough. They needed to believe God and His words. Believing that He IS able.

It was that conviction in knowing God never fails, that they marched full of determination and passion. With their trumpets' sounds the entire city's walls collapsed.

What a sight it must've been! Walls about seventeen feet wide made of stone, falling as if made of paper.
They believed God and the walls came down JUST as He had said. At the exact moment, in the same manner He had instructed.

Believe. A simple word that sometimes entails the biggest leap of our lives. To believe, however, is to attain freedom!
Freedom from the walls holding us back in a broken marriage, a drug/alcohol addiction, a never ending pile of debt, or that unexplainable empty feeling within.
It is true that the walls look pretty high and intimidating when standing right in front of them, but today the Lord calls us to believe Him and His word when He says He is in control. That powerful word that tells us He will never forsake us. Listen today when He says to hand your problems over to Him. Take your horn, blow it loud, and stand in awe as those walls that have held you back for so long, collapse at your feet.


Heavenly Father, how majestic is your word, that encourages us to trust in You. Throughout the ages, you have proven your faithfulness for your children. Remind us to be strong as we step forward to face the walls that keep us chained and prevent us from witnessing your power.
I bring everything to you, knowing that you already have an answer and is paving the way for my victory.


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