'Some urged me to kill you, but I spared you; I said 'I will not life my hand against you, the Lord's anointed.'
1 Samuel 24:10

A summer in Texas is no picnic. Triple digits mean higher energy bills, bored kids avoiding going outside, unattractive front lawns, and pesky uninvited guests looking for cooler weather.

My kitchen sink was covered with fire ants walking in a single file towards the faucet. It was the second time that day. I made myself absolutely clear of their unwelcomed status by spraying them with insecticide. (sorry insect lovers).

As I watch them scurry in panic, I noticed something quite interesting. Although their life was clearly in danger, some of the ants attempted to pick up a 'wounded comrade' rather than leaving them alone to die!
It was pretty amazing.

Obnoxious these creatures are to say the least, but possessing a lesson we ought to learn from - helping your fellow brother.

If we were to take a step back for a moment and begin to reflect on all the relationships we've established along the way, can we count the times that we've carried a brother instead of trampling over them?

The race for survival whether that means obtaining better material things, grabbing a title/position for fame, or just bobbing your head above the water higher than the rest, can become brutal and will eventually destroy us.

King David understood, that it was not up to Him to attack the man who desired to kill him. He understood that His job was to forgive, comfort, and love the one that God had placed in his path.

I want to make it also clear that trampling over your brother doesn't have to be so obvious. Sometimes allowing ungodly thoughts about others to creep in our mind, can be just as deadly, although we may not make it known to others. When this occurs, we must yank up the weed by its root with Christ as our focus.

Friends, may we remember today, how productive our spiritual lives can be if we only allow ourselves to be like Jesus, who sacrificed His life for 'wounded comrades' who would otherwise be left to die.


Father Almighty, in everything we do, you are the prime example of how our lives should be led. There is none like you and we pray that in each day, that you mold our spirit to become more of you and less of us.
Thank you for your grace. Forever and ever.


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