LOL for God

It is here. 2012 has arrived, and a new year begins.

What will be different for you this year?

We could make an ongoing list of things we want to change: lose some weight, kick a bad habit, get rid of debt. Although, those things once accomplished will bring satisfaction, how much happier will it make you?

If anything should be learned from this past year is that time definitely doesn't stay still. Time flies, and that is no longer a metaphor. The year flew by us and I'm sure that on our list of goals for 2011 there are still some left unchecked.
This year friend I would like to extend you the invitation to Live Out Loud for God.

What does that mean to you?

It means preaching the gospel each and every single day with the way you live. Love, forgive, be compassionate, help and serve others.

Be more forgiving towards your kids with their behavior. Make memories that they will cherish.
Be more loving towards your spouse. Let them see Jesus through you.
Be compassionate towards those sad eyes on the streets. Show them the grace of God.
Be helpful and serve those in need. Don't turn away when you hear of their trials, and instead use your blessings to help them.
Do away with grudges and things of the past. God forgives and forgets, and so should we.

All these things might seem easier said than done. After all, emotional hurt doesn't heal easily, but before we begin stepping away from the challenge, remember that we won't go at it alone.
Every step of the way, the Lord Almighty won't just beside you, but He will carry you through.

Live Out Loud. Live your Faith Outloud. Live His love, grace and forgiveness Out Loud.
Let others hear, and see His love towards mankind through you.

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