Pot of Blessings

'Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it's in your power to help them. If you can help your neighbor now, don't say: 'come back tomorrow and then I'll help you.' Proverbs 3:27-28

When I was younger, the appearance of a rainbow, sparked curiosity to know how long the travel to find the pot of gold at the end might be.
I often imagined what my reaction would be and what I would do with the riches. My list always began with buying my parents a house, and buying lots of clothes and toys.

Many would engage in the race to find that pot of gold if it were real, and the majority would drop out of the race if the condition was to give it away to those in need.
The fact is, that in order to help others, many do not allow to be 'inconvenienced' themselves.

We all want things. We all have dreams and aspirations. Some short termed, some long.
We, in the midst of focusing on reaching what we want, become blind to what others around us need.

Some may block the thought of being a blessing to others because it could mean financially speaking.
However, blessings do not always come in monetary form.
The way the Lord has equipped you is the way you should be able to bless.

You may not have extra cash for gas, but you may be equipped with a vehicle to offer a ride.
If you're suffering financially yourself to hand money to homeless man, you may be equipped with enough food to bring him a sack lunch.
Even the ones without financial struggles, may be in need of something else.
We've been equipped with the power to pray. Do not withhold that prayer for the prayer group. Pray right then.
We've been given the power to encourage. Don't withhold comforting words because you don't know the person too well or because you're running late.Your words may be the ones they need to hear the most.
Do not withhold the power of showing Christ's love until tomorrow. We've been given the power and the opportunities to do so everyday.

When the Lord brings an opportunity our way, do not withhold the pot full of blessings in whichever form it may be in. Invite your neighbor to delight in the power that God has equipped you with.

Bless others because the Lord has blessed you.


Father God, countless are your blessings that you have poured out in my life. Allow me Father to not keep those blessings to myself, but to open my arms and let them touch others in need.
Open my eyes to see the necessities of others, and to act upon them. Allow me to be more like you in serving others.


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