To Know God

The Lord says, "Whoever loves me, I will save. I will protect those who know me." Psalms 92

"What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near."

We all love having peachy days, weeks, and months. We all love when  the seas are calm and the skies are blue. We all love when there are no stones on the road that we could trip over. But would you prefer a thousand years of happiness without getting to KNOW who God is, or a thousand gray that bring you to truly KNOW who God is. Tough, tough question, right?

It was not until my family and I experienced a few years of suffering, pain, unanswered prayers, and desperation, that we were able to get to know who God is, how God is, why God is, and where God is. With out conflict and without pain, I would never know, how truly Great God is, how close to us, He really is, or how much, He really loves me. I could not sing, "How Great is our God," without having passed through so much pain and then so much peace and comfort.

All those sleepless nights, led me closer to God, and led me to get to know an indescribable, amazing, God. I can tell you all about Him, but not until you go through your own pain with Him, will you get to know Him from deep inside. He is a covenant God who keeps His promises. He is a merciful, faithful God, who forgives all your iniquties and still chooses to bless you far beyond your expectations. He is a Mighty Warrior who fights till the end of the battle for your victory. He is Yahweh!

Don't give up during the battle, don't throw yourself overboard because of the storm, instead, use these trials, to get to know Him, He has promised, "I will protect those who know ME!"

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