We Don't Belong Here

'But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ' Philippians 3:20

Imagine going to visit a friend at their house. In addition to taking a casserole or something alike for them to enjoy, you also take all your belongings. Your bed, couch, clothes, TV make their way through their front door and you begin to settle in.
Your home is never given a second thought.

In much the same way, we as visitors of this world, have settled in and made it our home.
To satisfy our flesh, it is inevitable to obtain shelter, clothing and food to survive, but besides satisfying the flesh, we have begun to satisfy our heart.
Our heart which houses the Lord's Spirit, has been brought along for this visit and has settled in.

What part of this world has your heart settled in on?

Career. Financial status. New project/goals?

It isn't wrong to want to achieve things for yourself and your family while here on earth as long as your heart remains in the Lord. The Lord has said to seek His kingdom first.

When we place God above anything else, He will provide the rest according to His will.

While we engage in our endeavors, we mustn't forget that this is temporary. All of this will disappear and fade away. The Lord Himself will determine what we need while in our temporary home. Let Him guide you in your decisions while here on Earth. Let Him give you the roads you should follow.

Don't settle in, as our home is truly with Him. One day we will return home. One day we will be back where we belong.

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