What's In It for Me?

'Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain.' Psalms 119:36

'What's in it for me?'

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Possibly when having to do something that otherwise you might not have to do.
It could be a favor to someone, an additional workload from your job description, coming to a compromise with your spouse that seems a bit more in their favor, or something completely different.
The truth is that although, most of humanity has a kind heart and doesn't think twice about lending a helping hand, that same kind-hearted people will think twice when it comes to giving up something of their own, that they cherish for the good of something else.

Take a look at yourself today. If you were to make a list of 'improvements' would the list be long?

Mine is. I'm not perfect, I have a long way to be even near to it. There are many traits in each one of us that need to be molded, and sometimes completely removed.
Those traits, whatever they may be have become a part of us, and have slowly disguised themselves as something accepted.

It could be greed, disguised as being driven and determined.
Selfishness masked as protective of your hard work.
Disobedience in a costume being a 'good' person over all.

When the Lord speaks to us clearly and lets us know what area of our life needs to be changed or removed, do we listen or do we hold on to what has become part of us so long?

King David's sequence of events that led to sin, focused on his selfish gain.
Taking of Bathsheba satisfied his lust. Bringing her husband home and having him killed to cover up his deeds, satisfied keeping his name intact.
He focused on what would be of his image to the people and what would be of his name.
He placed the Lord's statutes behind him long enough to satisfy his selfish desires.

Are we guilty of the same? Yes.
We have at one time or another and maybe even still, place the Lord's statutes in the back burner while we focus on what we want for us.

From turning on the TV at the end of the day instead of reading His Word to feed your soul, to forgetting his commandments on adultery because your marriage is on the rock instead of fervently praying for its resolve.
The Lord's statutes today have been forgotten, which is why I dare to say, that it is the reason why it is a dark place to live in.
We focus on our desires, our goals, the things that bring us joy even if temporary. What about what God has from the beginning planned for us? What about the holy living that he designed for our lives?

When we begin to turn to His statutes and mark them as the only option in our lives, our selfish ways will begin to die, bringing us closer to His presence where everything is satisfied.


Lord Almighty, we stand before your presence to acknowledge that there is nothing else in this world that could satisfy like your Word. Your Word is wise and beautiful. Everything in it is for the good of our lives, everything in it is to make us prosperous in your eyes. Remind us each day to follow your statutes Lord. Remind us to be more like you.


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