A Strong Bond

'Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you.' Isaiah 49:15

One of the most beautiful things in this world, nowadays, that one can witness is the pure love a child has for their mother.
In their eyes, that maternal figure is the epitome of everything good in their small world. Everything their mother does, how she looks, her scent, her voice is held dear to their small heart.
A pure kind of love, in which when the two are together, a bonding of no other kind can be compared.

It makes me wonder, if we as God's children have ever felt in such a way to our Heavenly Father.

When we first meet the Lord, and understand what He's done, reverence and grace pour out from our heart. We view Him as the Creator and the Controller of our lives. We view Him as the provider, caregiver, and judge who seeks justice. How often though, do we see him the way a child looks at their mother?
How often do we snuggle against His chest and let Him hold us there for a few moments?

Sadly, not so much.

We've come to view God as the Omnipotent Almighty that He is and fear His laws as we should, but should that stop us from also viewing Him as our Heavenly Abba who also longs to carry us on His shoulders or kiss us on the forehead with tender grace?

If the world knew that the Lord is not a god sitting on His throne in heaven judging us with fury, but instead guiding us gently towards Him, how many would run to His feet for a chance to feel the bonding of everlasting love?
Has it been a while for you, holding back fearing that He will reprimand you?

Fear not, for the Lord doesn't reject those who seek Him. Come to Him in prayer and await as He picks you high up in the air telling you His love will never fade.


Abba Father, I stand before your presence today to say I love you because you have loved me. Your love is amazing beyond comparison. I thank you because I know nothing in this world, or death will keep your love away from me. You are my Father and I am your child. Thank you for choosing me.


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