Day 1: Come Before Him

Good morning friends!

This week's devotional spoke to me in volumes. I hope that you might have been blessed by it as well.

'though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him.' Job 13:15

We discovered that even in the midst of our darkness, God is there.
Sometimes, it doesn't feel like it and sometimes we just want to blame Him.
It's a scary thought, to want to blame or be angry at the Creator of the universe, huh?

I'm sure you have been there at some point because when the pain is too hard to bear, it's easier to blame than to endure.

Today, we invite you to look past the anger and the pain.
Today we encourage you to come before the Lord and ask Him to allow you to feel His presence in that dark time that you may be going through, and that He may speak to you letting you know He is there.

Job came before God with many questions and pain, and God as faithful as He always is responded reminding him that He is I AM. (Job 38)

May your quiet time with Him be of immense blessing.

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