Day 2: Write it out.

We are forgetful beings. aren't we. Especially when things are tough, we like to zone in on the situation at hand.

Welcome back for study day 2 on our current devotional.

'though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him.' Job 13:15

Yesterday, we hashed it out with our emotions and asked God to deliver us and reveal to us the source of all our feelings when we are going through darkness. We forget during those times that His hand has always been present and zone in on how difficult our path is.

Take out your pen and paper people.

Today we are going to go through and exercise and write it out.
List the difficult situations that God has allowed to take place in your life.
Write out what your feelings were at the beginning of it all.
worry, anger, frustration may be some. I know those are mine.
Second, write out how it felt to come to the Lord for assurance.
Did you receive it, how?
When did you see God's answer to your questions, and if the questions have not yet been answered, how has He given you peace.
What emotions did you have when it was resolved, when you were out of the storm?

If God is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow then your answers will be a lot like mine. God always showing faithfulness to His people.
Writing it out sometimes allows us to see His promises fulfilled when our emotions push them out of our memory.
But God is so good and never fails.

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