Though He Slay Me

'though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him.' Job 13:15

Complete darkness.

It is what surrounds those moments of complete devastation.
We've given our heart out, dared to dream higher than the stars, to be let down and to simply watch those dreams and hopes through our hands like sand.
And it hurts.

Growing up, I had an image of what my life would look like today. My life today doesn't look close to what my dreams were.
On some nights, the pain can cut real deep and in that darkness, I've dares to point my finger at God for allowing my unfortunate.

Job was in complete darkness and in physical and emotional pain, having lost all he had. Material belongings, his children and his health.
God had allowed the devastating events to invade his peace and his joy.
While his wife encouraged him to curse God, while His friends tried to make sense of it all, Job in his agonizing pain, held on to the hope of God in his immense grace to deliver him.

Many times when our life is extremely hard and troubles which we feel we cannot overcome, we feel it's easier to be angry at God or to question Him.
In the midst of everything, we fail to see that He's never lost control and we can still hope in Him.
Only God knows what He's taken away from your life.
Maybe it's a dream you've held on tightly to. A job you love that's been lost. Infertility may be your burden, or a broken marriage.

God time and time again had given favor to Job and this Job knew. There wasn't anyone else that he could place his trust in aside from God, even if it meant coming face to face with Him.

Whatever God has taken, He will give back with a greater blessing. Because even though He slay us, though He gives and takes away, our hope is secure in Him forever.

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