The apple of His eye

He shielded him and cared for him; he guarded him as the apple of his eye’ Deuteronomy 32:10

Whether it’s a new cheer she’s made up, a drawing she spent hours on, or just a story that lights up her eyes as she tells it, I’ve noticed my daughter longs for my attention in her every move. If I miss any of it, if I ask her to show me later, I see her frustration and her heart sadden. She craves that attention and expects it at that moment.
And don’t we all?
The Lord has definitely used my children to teach me a thing or two on how we as His children behave with Him. I crave God’s attention. I crave for Him to hear my stories, to see my dance as I twirl, my tears as my heart breaks. When I don’t feel His eyes on me, my heart saddens. I expect to hear His voice right then and there with the words that my heart wants to hear, and when I don’t my dreams seem to slip away.
It is in those moments that I begin to feel as though I am not important, or valuable. I begin to feel as though my prayers need to be put low on His priority list as there are others that need to be listened to, and my spirit fails. I begin to ignore the vibrant promises that tell me it is within His timing and not mine. I begin to feed into the lies of the one that tells me because of my wretched heart, I am not worthy to be noticed as His daughter.
But isn’t His truth far from this? We are not only His children. We are the apple of His eye. Cherished, loved passionately by a Father that will do anything to step in to defend us from lies that tell us otherwise.
I become so focused on how others show their attention that I expect to see it in the same form from my Father. How selfish of me to limit His affection towards me! He loves me and appreciates me far more than the people of this world. When I learn to shut off the distractions and focus only on Him, it becomes crystal clear that not only have His eyes always been on me, but that I am the apple of His eye.
From the minute I wake, throughout the night, when I lay my head to rest, I am loved and cherished by the One that gave it all, to have me by His side. I am indeed a precious possession the Lord Almighty. I am His child and in Him I find my worth.

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